Estate – Menorah lamp

This stunning piece of art seamlessly combines tradition and innovation.

The lamp draws inspiration from a Venini model from the 1930s, with the curved and essential lines of the modernism of that era. However, the overall design and shapes are specifically tailored for this piece, which, as per the client’s wishes, was intended to be wall-mounted.

Crafted with meticulous precision by master glass artisans in the renowned Murano glass-making tradition, this Menorah reimagines the classic symbol of Judaism in a fresh, contemporary light. Each glass arm is individually handblown, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The colors used in the lamps evoke the feeling of summer and are arranged in a gradient from the blue of the cups to the aquamarine of the arms, all the way to the amber yellow of the background tubes.

Each piece has been carefully designed for both its function and aesthetics to achieve a harmonious and effective result: the arms are made of aquamarine blown glass with a “rigadin” texture to better conceal the electric cable. Their size scales from the shorter lateral ones to the longest central one, thus evoking the typical shape of a religious Menorah.
The glossy blue cups are white-cased to reflect the light from the bulbs effectively.
The technical box that supports the arms and houses the electrical components is made of iron with a corten finish and is frontally shielded by amber-colored glass paste tubes, which not only conceal the box but also reflect the light and add consistency to the lamp.

This remarkable work of art is not just an accessory; it’s the beauty of contemporary design and the timeless significance of tradition.